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Sustainable management, the ambition to become an attractive employer and the conservation of resources all form an integral part of the Frischpack mission statement. Our guiding principle to “whet your appetite for cheese” just about sums up this approach. We pursue an aspiration to achieve the highest quality, and this at all levels. For it is only through consistent, comprehensive activities in social, ecological and economic sectors that we will also be able to do justice to this principle as part of our sustainability strategy.

The crux of our strategy is to offer our customers additional benefits through the strict regard for our sustainability aspects. To do so, we consistently make use of our fundamental strengths, such as our passion for cheese, our highest demands on quality, the most up-to-date technology and our expertise for customised solutions.

We defined the fundamental fields of action for our sustainability strategy back in 2015.



In the five relevant fields of action, twelve central themes have become apparent, themes which Frischpack views as being significant:


  • Occupational safety and health protection
  • Reconciliation of family and career
  • Ability to offer secure, long-term jobs


  • Natural and high-quality raw materials
  • Considerate waste management
  • Sustainable packaging solutions


  • Profitable company growth
  • Innovative/investment strength


  • Promoting the region
  • Promoting education and training in the region


  • The consumption of energy and water
  • Resulting emissions

Our objectives

We try to utilise our influence potential in the best way possible with regard to the five fields of action. The key objectives defined in the latest sustainability report were expanded upon to include the objective “development of sustainable packaging solutions” as it has since become significantly more important to us. These eleven key objectives set out our strategic direction:

  • Reducing emissions (CO2, gases, dust)
  • Optimising the use of energy and water
  • Reducing cleaning agents, eliminating cleaning agents containing chlorine
  • Reducing film and carton consumptions
  • Developing sustainable packaging solutions (3-pillar concept)
  • Reducing the volume of waste (packaging and raw materials)
  • Increasing the recycling ratio
  • Optimising the use of raw materials
  • Reducing accidents at work and on the journey to and from work
  • Intensifying education and training
  • Profitable growth

All in all we wish to use them to accomplish the profitable and long-term expansion of our markets. Our integrated management system is a fundamental building block in the pursuit and achievement of our strategic goals. You can find more information on this in our sustainability report.

Successes between 2016 and 2018

Trust is good - certificates are better.

Frischpack is taking the reliable route. Our contributions to sustainability are certified:

Environmental management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001

Energy management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001

Work and health protection management certified according to BS OHSAS 18001

report 2018

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