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Frischpack 2018: success thanks to synergistic effects

This mid-tier corporate group strengthens its position as the technological leader and records a slight growth in sales

Mailling/Schönau, 29. May 2019 – The Frischpack Group, comprising Frischpack GmbH in Mailling and Baackes & Heimes GmbH in Viersen, once again processed over 60,000 tonnes of cheese in 2018. This rate of growth is slightly higher than the industry average. Their annual turnover was approximately 300 million euros. A total of twelve million euros was invested by the company in technology at both of its corporate sites last year. In addition to two new production lines, the digitalisation of production, inventory management and human resources was promoted. This is now allowing the Frischpack Group to strengthen its position as the technological leader and make itself even more efficient and powerful.

Efficient use of synergistic effects
In order to be able to operate more successfully in a very dynamic market environment with increasing competitive pressure, and to offer customers greater added benefits, the Frischpack Group was restructured on an organisational level. The company will be led in the future by a three-person management team. Marian Heinz remains chairman of the board of management. Horst Luchtefeld will be taking on the role of managing director for Operations and Stefan Welter, previously the managing director at Baackes & Heimes, will be taking on additional responsibility as the managing director of Sales and Marketing for both corporate sites. Sales will be structured based on customer segments and located either in Mailling or Viersen, depending on where the focus lies. “This way, we would like to work together to expedite the further strategic development of the Group and operate on the market even more efficiently and with even more success,” Marian Heinz explains.

Increasing efficiency through digitalisation
Frischpack is visionary in its choice to network packing lines and implement a machine data logging system as an effective approach to “total productive manufacturing” – and thus also highlights its position as the technological leader. With the new system, the corporate group records technical machine data and thus contributes to the continual improvement of its own production processes. This method allows faults to be avoided in the early stages. The integration of the first machine data logging system was already commenced in 2015, and as of last year, all of the lines have now been incorporated. This way, Frischpack Group significantly increases the efficiency of its lines and achieves a higher output at a consistently high quality and with a steady number of employees.

Frischpack 2018: commendable!
The pursuit of economic, technical and personnel sustainability is also becoming  increasingly recognised in the public eye. In 2018 Frischpack was able to celebrate receiving two awards from the Focus and Focus Money magazines’ Germany Test 2018. The company was awarded 5th place as an employer in the packaging industry sector, with the commendation “Top Career Opportunities”. It was also 16th in its industry sector in the “German’s Most Valuable Companies” test, gaining the quality valuation “Ecological, Economical and Socially Valuable” The German Agricultural Society (DLG) also commended Frischpack for its many years of consistent product quality in 2018.

Frischpack 2019: profitable growth
Frischpack wants to continue giving cheese dairies, food retailers, food services and industrial customers an appetite for cheese. Our objective is to achieve long-lasting, profitable growth. “Research into sustainable packaging solutions and growth in specific customer segments, in particular with product innovations, are paramount for us. To achieve this, we rely on the commitment and expertise of our employees at both our Mailling and Viersen sites,” stresses Marian Heinz.


Picture from the left:

  • Marian Heinz, CEO
  • Horst Luchtefeld, Managing Director Operations