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One of a kind: cheese variety thanks to an innovative production line

Baackes & Heimes now has a newly designed system which can arrange up to six different types of cheeses to create cheese platters

Viersen, 06th June 2018 – The Frischpack Group has invested in a fully-automatic system for producing assorted cheese slices and cheese platters at its Baackes & Heimes plant in Viersen. The new line is currently the only one of its kind in the European cheese industry. In January, nine articulated trucks delivered the 27 individual components with a total weight of approximately 37 tonnes. The line has since been installed and is already producing the first cheese platters along a length of 22 metres. What makes it an innovation? For the first time ever, it is now possible to arrange up to six different varieties on one platter. An x-ray scanner inspects the thickness of the cheese and guarantees packs with fixed weights which are fit for sale. A metal detector guarantees maximum safety during production. The absolute highlight of the line is the innovative shuttle system. Unlike in conventional production lines, the cheese slices are not transported on a conveyor belt. The slices cut by three high-performance slicers land on trays which run energy efficiently and extremely hygienically on magnetic rails. The cheese varieties selected by the customer are positioned by three fully automatic pick-and-place robots, each with two arms, which ensure that the slices are precisely fanned out in accordance with the defined specifications. The slices can be round, square or rectangular: the new packaging system is just as flexible as the company in which it stands.

The cheese platter: convenience for traders – variety for consumers
“Cheese knowledge without borders” is the philosophy of Baackes & Heimes, a subsidiary of the Frischpack Group since last year. The company was the first professional cheese packer in Germany and has been repeatedly impressing food retailers and discount supermarkets for more than 60 years with new and creative concepts. Based on these many years of experience, the cheese specialists work together with their customers to develop products packaged with high efficiency and professionally portioned. “With the new cheese platter, we are providing proof of our innovative strength. It not only offers a very convenient form of presentation for the retail market,” Stefan Welter, the managing director of Baackes & Heimes, explains, “it primarily also allows cheese lovers to be presented with a whole new variety of cheeses for their breakfast table or lunchboxes.” Baackes & Heimes can create a range of blending concepts with the new system.  This now means that varieties with the most diverse taste sensations, such as mild, nutty or full-flavoured, can be individually arranged with specialities from France, Switzerland or Bavaria. Or even specific themes such as “cheese from the Alpine region”. “The first orders are already leaving the production line,” Stefan Welter adds. “In addition to this, we are currently in discussions with other trade partners about which individualised concepts can provide the best possible sales potential for them and their customers.”