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Frischpack undergoes successful expansion

Corporation purchases new site and invests in innovative technology

Mailling/Schönau, 6th March 2018 – Frischpack wants to make sure that cheese dairies, wholesale traders and wholesale customers, industrial customers and restaurant chains, the food retail industry and discount supermarket chains all develop a real appetite for cheese. This independent, mid-tier corporate group made up of Frischpack GmbH in Mailling and the subsidiary it newly acquired in the summer of 2017, Baackes & Heimes GmbH in Viersen, processed more than 60,000 tonnes of cheese in 2017, an increase of 2,000 tonnes compared to the previous year. Its three-percent growth rate was higher than that for the cheese industry as a whole. Its annual turnover exceeded 250 million euros. Frischpack’s new corporate image, which was presented last year at the Anuga, has been sending out positive signals, both in the market and among its employees, and is a logical and resolute step in the company’s development to becoming as corporate group which operates at an international level. “It is our aim to grow in a calculated and strategically smart direction while still remaining the technological leader,” Marian Heinz, the Managing Director of the Frischpack Group, commented. “Our focus is very clearly on our customised solutions for all of our target groups.”


Technological leader invests in technology and training
The two company sites in Mailling and Viersen are currently being optimised. To do so, the Frischpack Group will be investing around 15 million euros in 2018, including in a fully-automatic plant for the production of assorted cheese slices and cheese platters at its Viersen site, making it the only plant of its kind in Europe for the cheese industry. This technical update is also aimed at supporting the company’s expansion into selected European markets. The key markets for this will be picked out, focussed on and tackled this year. Horst Luchtefeld, who was previously the Plant Manager at Frischpack and became the Director of Operations on 01/01/2018, is responsible for ensuring that this process is optimally managed. “It is important to ensure that the technology employed in both sites is optimal and our sequences are the most efficient they can be. For it is here that the synergy effects we wish to utilise from this year forward are created,” Horst Luchtefeld explained. To be best equipped to deal with customer demands, Frischpack employed new qualified specialists last year in all of its departments. And the training department is also successful: New and committed apprentices have already received their contracts for the new apprenticeship year starting in the late summer. In 2017 Frischpack also expanded its range of apprenticeship vocations on offer at its Mailling site to include vocational training in machine and plant operation.


Focus on environmental and occupational safety
Frischpack will also invest in environmental protection measures and occupational safety this year. The company will once again undergo an energy and environmental audit, and also seek certification in a variety of occupational safety projects. Numerous measures will be taken in the field of environmental protection: In 2018 Frischpack will be installing photovoltaic systems in Mailling and checking the possibility of installing a combined heat and power system and recovering heat from the technical systems. Improved heat insulation and the use of environmentally neutral coolants in the cooling system are also planned.


Emphasis on products and promotions
When it comes to its products, Frischpack will continue to have its finger on the pulse and will be producing a number of exciting highlights this year. For example, with the diverse cheese platters and variations of assorted cheese slices from Baackes & Heimes aimed at food retailers and discount supermarket chains, and which provide variety in small portion sizes. Cheddar also remains a top-selling product as a popular ingredient in artistic street food creations such as sliders or poutine fries, and new varieties of it have been added to the Frischpack product range. The product range has also been expanded to include GMO-free products bearing the VLOG seal. As Marian Heinz emphasises, "We listen closely to our customers in order to pick up on their needs and wishes as precisely as possible. And we will continue to work intensively and with combined efforts to become Europe’s most relevant cheese processing company.”